I’m Ben Mancini,

This blog initially started as a way of showing just how poor how house buying experience has been with Persimmon. You’ll see from the first 10-12 blogs just how poor an experience we had with the whole new build property purchase experience. Clearly i’ve learnt some lessons from this (The first being not to trust Persimmon with making a cup of tea, never mind buying a house from them, the second being not to buy a new build property!)

However, this blog has evolved to become a bit of a catch all. I talk about customer service, family and work as well as interesting bits of news and views I find on my travels across the net.

I work in IT as a head of department at a large telecoms company. I’ve been in IT for over 10 years and have seen the huge shift in that time from large programmes of work that would deliver in 18 months to 2 years to now focussing on getting a solution designed, built and delivered to its users in less than 90 days.

This blog does’t pretend to have all the answers, in actual fact it probably has very few! But hopefully you enjoy reading anyway!

I can be contacted on here or via the below:-


Happy reading!


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