The House Inspection

Today we finally managed to see our (almost) completely built house purchase from Persimmon. My initial expectations for the property visit were that we’d find lots of outstanding problems we’d be putting up with once we sign the legal exchange in two days time. Surprisingly enough the visit was actually without too much issue.

I won’t name names here but the guy who took us round the house is probably one of the first genuinely apologetic and honest people we have dealt with at Persimmon. He apologised repeatedly and actually gave me a much better understanding of the issues he and his guys on the ground have had to deal with. Needless to say that it’s the mismanagement at the senior levels that has resulted in about 25 families on the estate missing their original completion dates.

Along with the above the fact Persimmon have taken on far too much work than they knew they were capable of means many families who had planned to be in their homes for Christmas are now being given dates of January and February next year.

There were a few minor issues but nothing of the catastrophic level I was anticipating before we checked the house. The good thing for me was the fact that the guy showing us round committed to all of them being resolved by Friday, which is something we’ve not had from our many previous dealings with the head office team.

Needless to say we now go into the legal completion on Friday with far more confidence than we’ve had for the last 6 months of the build.

I’d also like to say that I’m very quick on this blog to point out failures and stupidity. I’d like to take some time out on this blog now to thank a few people from Persimmon who have continued to try and get resolutions for us. Again I’m not going to name names here because like any large organisation these head office departments don’t like their staff to be following anything other than the corporate line. Hopefully you’ll know who you are if you are reading this (My site stats show at least a few Persimmon IP addresses are indeed following this blog)

To the lady in the sales office who has continued to try and chase things down for us and been a friendly voice at the end of a telephone line for us repeatedly over the last 6 months, thank you. Its never been an issue dealing with you and your patience has been impressive in fielding what must have been hundreds of phone calls weekly from all the families impacted by these delays.

To the guy who took us around the house yesterday and was probably the most honest and apologetic person we’ve dealt with at Persimmon, thank you. You gave us some straight answers and couldn’t do enough for us to put right some of the few teething issues we have remaining.

To all the workers who have pulled weekend shifts and late nights to try and get the estate into a liveable place for families in the run up to Christmas, thanks. The incompetence of the senior management at Persimmon shouldn’t hide the fact that you appear to have done a top job in getting these houses into a habitable state.

I’ll continue to update this blog after moving day with any post move observations. Keep reading and commenting!


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