You want to see your house? What a ridiculous request to make!

3 days out from legal completion and my concern that Persimmon seem to be desperately rushing to finish/hide any problems in our property seems to be pretty close to the truth. The reason I say this is that we were supposed to be able to inspect the house on Monday (Prior to legal completion on Friday) in order to check the outstanding issues/any other issues have been resolved.

The annoying thing about all of this is just how broken the communication seems to be between the site manager and the senior management of Persimmon. Each time we’ve had an issue with the build we’ve tried to resolve it with the guys on the ground at the build site as it only seems fair to give them an opportunity to put it right. Each time they’ve failed in a spectacular way to do this. This results in us having to speak to their bosses to get stuff resolved. Making them look incompetent and probably driving a further wedge between their guys on the ground and their senior management. I know from my own job that if I had a customer continually going above me to my boss that it would piss me off. Initially I’d be annoyed at the customer for not trusting my judgement, but then I’d question why the customer feels they need to do this. Am I not doing my job right? Don’t they trust what I’m telling them? Maybe a period of reflection is needed for Persimmons staff at the site??

So for the last week we’ve been told by the site manager that the earliest we can view the property would be Thursday (That’s less than 24 hours before completion) and all week I’ve been telling them that this isn’t acceptable because there is no way that gives any of us contingency to resolve anything that we find wrong (Because I know we will find things wrong). This has gone back and forth like this for a while. I asked what the reasons for this were and was told that they were arranging access to the front of the property. This in itself seems completely contradictory as access to the front of the property wouldn’t stop us, you know, using the backdoor to get into the house would it? That and the fact I’ve popped round a few times to show the kids the front of the house and it really didn’t look like the lack of paving stones would have stopped me in a pair of grubby boots from getting to the front door.

So yesterday I went to the site managers boss to ask if we could have access before Thursday. Unsurprisingly he said after viewing the property for himself he could see no reason why we couldn’t go and see the house before Thursday…

Its this sort of miscommunication and stepping on each others toes that we’ve had to deal with the entire 12 months we’ve been dealing with Persimmon. One person says something, another one contradicts them and the customer stuck in the middle of all of it wonders what the hell the builder is doing and why they can’t just front up on what the actual issues are.

So today we get to view the house. I’ll report back here tomorrow on the state of it.

On a side note I went to see my eldest sons school play yesterday and afterwards was talking to the secretary of the school. We got onto houses for some reason and when I mentioned we were moving she asked whether it was Persimmon homes building it. When I said yes she gave the typical response of a Persimmon customer ‘oh no, you need to be careful with them, we have a Persimmon home and had countless problems with it after moving in’…

I rest my case


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