An Update on our Persimmon Home Purchase

Firstly a quick thank you to everyone who has so far contacted me or commented on this blog. Its clear that we are not alone in our horror story of dealing with Persimmon. At the last count I had 89 different families who have contacted me either expressing solidarity with our problems or sharing their own issues and wanting to get involved. I’ve more to come on that soon but in the meantime thank you, your messages really have been a help over the last few weeks.

The latest with our own situation is that the outstanding issues with our new house (Loft hatch over a partition wall and situated over a bath, completion date delayed by 6 months and now 2 days after our rental agreement ends, garage door not installed etc. etc.) is that at least some of these issues have now been out right (Allegedly – as we haven’t actually seen these for ourselves). The issue of the 6 month delay however is still rumbling on.

I received a response to a follow up I sent Mr Fuller (The east of England MD for Persimmon homes) in which he apologized and offered us a compensation payment off our final bill. I appreciated what has been the first genuine apology and offer of compensation for our situation. Unfortunately (And this really isn’t me being greedy here) the offer they have made is far below the amount of stress, worry and actual costs we have incurred through no fault of our own this year. So I’ve explained this to Mr Fuller and I now look forward to a further reply.

I’m not building up my hopes with this at all but a genuine offer of compensation that covers us for this year would go some way to making good the repeated broken promises, failed deliveries, ineptitude and just plain bad customer service we have had to suffer this year.

I’ve even asked our local MP to now get involved in order to ask Persimmon about their business practices. I don’t expect I’ll hear much off the back of this discussion but it does at least mean Persimmon and their practices are in a wider public forum because of it.

In other news it seems Persimmon have continued to ignore numerous issues from both new and existing customers on their social media pages. Twitter is awash with examples of repeated failures to engage with customers who feel they have been let down or suffered loss due to poorly built properties. On Facebook (Where the ability to closely monitor and close down negative comments on their page is more strictly enforced) there are still comments that pop up on their posts asking why repairs remain outstanding months after families have moved into properties.

Looking back on our own experience this year if I knew what I now know about what the buying experience would be like from Persimmon I feel safe in saying that we would not have made this house purchase from them. New build properties are notoriously acknowledged as encountering delays and issues when families move in, but this experience would have felt much more positive for us if only Persimmon had kept us engaged and not made promises they clearly knew they could not meet. On top of this an inability to plan ahead or predict demand for new homes (When other house builders seem to have weathered the storm so much better) gives me no confidence that the long term strategy of Persimmon focuses on anything other than their bottom line profits. As I said in a previous post. I have no issue with a company making money. What I do have issue with is where the need to make money causes untold damage, stress and worry to customers. Hindsight however is a wonderful thing!

I don’t believe for a second that a house purchase from any of the other big home builders would have gone off without one hitch. However I do feel that other home builders seem better able to acknowledge quality and care for their customers.

So what one piece of advice would I give to anyone looking at a Persimmon home purchase?

Tread carefully and seriously consider the amount of bad feedback they have floating around on the www. You really do not need to look far to find it and this blog is just one piece of a far wider jigsaw of let down, annoyed and upset customers. Whilst you may be sweet talked by a sales team who do seem to work bloody hard at their jobs, you will be repeatedly failed and let down once you’ve signed on the dotted line with them. In particular if you are in the East Of England I’d avoid the Pastures development in Brundall like the plague until all of the homes are built (They have plenty left they haven’t been able to shift – even with large discounts attached to them), which should give you a pretty good indication of how good a neighbor they have been to the community of Brundall!

We now stand at 18 days out from the alleged completion date.

My confidence couldn’t be any lower in Persimmon right now.


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