A call to arms (Or Do you hear the people sing)

I’m a fan of allowing a company the opportunity to put right their mistakes, even if it means me having to suffer for a bit before an issue is resolved. All it takes is a simple acknowledgement of the issue and I’ll allow a period of time to pass before I start getting annoyed again.

However in Persimmons case I’m no longer willing to give them this period of grace. Not just for my issues, but for the many hundreds of other customers who have been left waiting (Years in some cases) after moving in before Persimmon even attempt to look into what the problem is.

Clearly continued complaints on Persimmons social media sites aren’t working (See my previous post about why – https://angrymanblogblog.wordpress.com/2014/11/17/an-open-letter-to-persimmons-social-media-team)

So now its time for something a little more effective.

I’m asking for anyone who has been impacted by Persimmons missed deadlines, useless customer service, broken promises or ignored complaints to register their interest on this blog. All I ask is that you leave a contactable email address so that once I have the list of customers I can contact you all with what the next phase will be.

Needless to say the greater amount of people we get the more effective this campaign will be against Persimmon.

Please share this via all the usual social media channels or with people you believe may be impacted by Persimmons inability to do their jobs properly. And hopefully if it isn’t obvious by now any personal email address you send me won’t be shared with anyone else etc. etc.



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