4 weeks left Or Glad Tidings to all (but Persimmon)

So it’s been three days since my email to the chief exec of Persimmon homes and not a word of response has been heard. Not even from his executive complaints team. Whilst I didn’t exactly expect an outpouring of apologies from them it would have been nice to have at least had some sort of acknowledgement that they’d received it. (Maybe they are still reading it – it did go on a bit)

With regards to the actual completion date we are still (allegedly) on for a 19th December completion date. I say allegedly as I’ve come to expect Persimmon to keep to their promises about as much as a politician (come to think of it Id take a politicians lies over our home builders failed deadlines)

i did did receive a couple of worthless phone calls this weekend from the Persimmon sales team (i would like to say that I actually feel sorry for these guys, I’m pretty certain im not the only pissed off customer they have to deal with due to the inability of their construction team to do anything on time – except maybe their tea breaks)

The first phone call was to tell me they ‘think’ the completion date is still doable. But then I threw a spanner in the works and asked about the U completed garage door and loft hatch which is currently sat over a wall. She didn’t know about these and said she’d call back later. Surpri singly enough a few hours later she did.

Her response was as I’ve come to expect from Persimmon over the last ten months. All mouth and no trousers. She admitted the items I’d reported had still not een done but that Persimmon were aware of them needing to be resolved. Which is nice, considering I’ve told them this countless times. Unfortunately she didn’t know when they’d be done.

So here we sit. 4 weeks out from our alleged moving in date with a house with numerous issues remaining and a family who need to vacate their current hell hole of a rented property three days before the latest completion date.

Merry Christmas Persimmon, let us hope none of your family have such glad tidings as you’ve visited in my family this year.


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