Another angry voice

I’m sure as a reader of blogs you’ll have come across plenty of pages like mine before. Some angry little bloke with a chip on his shoulder about something, which is completely fine. If that’s the case then this page probably isn’t for you. My aims in producing this blog are to challenge some of the assumptions we’ve formed as a group of people over what is and what isn’t acceptable when it comes to basic principles such as good customer service, getting what you’ve paid for, not accepting poor results and performances from people or companies when you know that in your own life these things simply aren’t good enough.


The issue is that as a country we seem to have lost the urge to challenge frankly crap service, rude staff, dodgy terms and conditions that favour the big conglomerate and ignore the little guy. Business has to be about making money, which is something I’m completely fine with. But it doesn’t mean we should forget basic principles of kindness, fairness and doing a good deal for all parties. As a consumer I’m far more likely to recommend and use you again if I feel I’ve been treated with respect and fairness. If you can’t do these basic things then you can expect to feature on this blog. Quickly


One thought on “Another angry voice

  1. I so feel for this family! The rubbish we have had to put up with down South on Roebuck Park, Hellingly is as bad for some of our residents too! There is we have discovered a shortage of skilled tradesmen. Therefore any old or young person appears to end up working with little or no inspection, or proper Site Management! The customer services are almost non existent, or they were when we moved in. It took us three years to get some drainage put in to stop the water running down our path into the front door. But we have been reasonably lucky on some things. Last Christmas there were 104 emergency phone calls on this development related to water getting into homes! They have now got a professional team that come out and repair faults, but after 2years they think differently about their customers.

    However, we are not giving up! We are off down another route now, and will keep you informed in due course! Our biggest problem is the mis-selling and lies we were told by sales, and the costs of incentives which we were caught on. The above plus lots of other things coming to light makes us Ill with concerns for the future. I would never recommend a Persimmon home to anyone, we should have known better as we heard abou problems in Scotland years ago when houses were subsiding and Persimmon did not want to know. It was on television, yet we still went ahead!, how we regret it……..



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